Here are our 4 top reasons to get a pest and building inspection in order of importance:

1. It’s too late once settlement has come and gone. There’s no extended warranty on houses. Home buying is 100% “buyer beware” and the pest and building inspection stage is the cornerstone of this. If your roof leaks you can’t go back to the real estate agent or former owner after purchase to complain. Right now we are on your side and we’re here to help you make the best decision you can make prior to the contract going unconditional.

Building Inspector2. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A house is probably the most expensive thing you’ll buy and even though you are probably strapped for cash at this point, the cost of a pre-purchase building inspection is typically less than 0.01% of the cost of the home.  If there are defects in the property that you didn’t see yourself, a pest and building inspection can save you thousands.

3. You may be renovating, you may do that for a living. But even if you are handy or a qualified tradesperson, it is important to have ‘a second opinion’ and a fresh set of eyes to look at the property. Our pest and building inspection could help you avoid a financial black hole…you want to renovate, not rebuild! More on this…

4. There is more to be had from your pest and building inspection than just confirmation that the house won’t fall down. Our inspector is a licensed builder and can give you insight into things you could do to the property in future. If you come along to the inspection and ask the right questions, you can learn more than what is contained in the report. Use this appointment as an opportunity to gather information.

The decision of whether or not to buy a house is up to you, but we can provide you with the best possible information available at the time.

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