When You Get Your Pest and Building Inspection Report…

Know how to read it.  You may get caught up in the minor issues within the inspection findings. DON’T!

MINOR issues can also be read as MAINTENANCE issues. All houses have that and if you need maintenance help, there’s PLENTY out there online to show you how. EXAMPLE

With your pest and building inspection report, it’s the big stuff that you want to focus on. Below, I’ve set out a key to help you get yourself around the pest and building inspection report a bit better.  Defects that we most commonly find in properties fall in one of the following categories:

pre-purchase report

Maintenance Issue – directly from a pest and building inspection report – stained paint

Minor and Non-Urgent

These problems are truly appearance issues but don’t affect the stability or functionality of the home. They cause no discomfort to the occupants and are not likely to turn into anything in the future either. All homes have something like it – a chipped bit of paint, a patch in the timber where a glass of water stained it. In fact many pest and building inspection reports don’t mention these. They are nothing to worry about but could go on a maintenance schedule if you wanted to spend a couple hours on a weekend doing odd jobs.

Minor but Urgent

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!! These are not major defects yet, but given enough time they will turn into something. This is maintenance in its purest form. The actions you can take to stop your home devaluing massively over time. We’re talking preventative measures such as refreshing the sealant in your shower, clearing leaf debris off your roof and out of the guttering. If you just leave this stuff perpetually, something will go wrong. Maybe even years down the road.

Major but In-Expensive

In our world, a major defect is a major defect.  They are classed that way because they are either dangerous to the occupants, or will damage the structure if not taken care of. So a major defect that is in-expensive to clear up is a Get Out of Jail Free pass. Something like replacing the rusted brackets on your first floor balcony – wouldn’t cost more than $100 to fix, but could save a life.

Major and Expensive (and probably Dangerous)

This is something that could stop you buying a property if you just didn’t have the money to throw at it or the time to deal with it. These defects are The Big Brother of the Minor but Urgent defect.  If the property had been inspected regularly or maintained, this defect could usually have been avoided.

pre-purchase report

Major Defect – directly from a pest and building inspection report – rusted brackets under a deck


Our least favourite type of copy contained in our pest and building inspection reports. We can’t do anything about it, the insurance company requires it. If you’ve got a pest and building inspection report in your hand that contained no disclaimers, you should be worried because the inspector is probably not insured. The disclaimers are inserted by the insurance company because they’ve had a past claim relating to that particular thing. For example a warning about over-loading timber decks because a recent case of a deck collapsing. Disclaimers are cautionary in nature – always call us if you’re concerned.

When you read our reports, don’t get too stuck on the little stuff…all houses have “little stuff”.  It’s there for your future reference after you’ve moved in.  We write our pest and building inspection report as if your son or daughter is buying the house.

If you have questions, always call us to ask!!!