You need a pre-sale inspection

There’s a load of things to do to get “sale ready” but a pre-sale inspection can be the most important of those!

Think about it – you haven’t had your property inspected since you bought it 5, 10, 15+ years ago. Things happen, time has gone by…you can bet prospective buyers will get it inspected. Don’t you want to know what they’ll find? Ideally before they do? Knowledge is power and a thorough pre-sale inspection will give you the ability to move forward, negotiate confidently and get the best price for your most valuable asset.

Don’t adopt a head-in-the-sand attitude towards this process. Being pro-active can change your future whereas it’s much more difficult to change the present/past. Negotiating from a defensive position is not a comfortable place to be.

Other important things to do to get “sale-ready” include:
  • De-cluttering – go through each room with a critical eye and think “Recycle (Salvos), Gift or Bin”. This helps everyone to see the potential of your property. It’s rare that someone will move their new house and want to keep everything exactly as is. Remove some of your stuff and help them to imagine where their stuff will fit in. Make tough decisions…this process can hurt a little but when you go to move, you’ll be happy you did it! After all, moving 10 boxes is 100% easier than moving 20 boxes.
  • Completing general maintenance items that have been niggling at you for a while. You live there so you might know what they are – if not the pre-sale inspection report will tell you. Whilst they may not be actual defects (in fact most things that end up in a Building Inspection are maintenance items, not major defects) having your property presented as neat and well-maintained can only help the sale price. Obviously you are safe to leave some things un-done – people generally realise they aren’t buying a new house and maintenance is an on-going part of home-ownership.
  • Tidy up the landscaping. Landscaping rarely makes an impact on your sale price but it will inevitably help presentation. Also, if there are any pests in the yard (white ants) you are more likely to know about them if you’ve also been in the yard lately.
  • Speaking of timber pests… if you haven’t had a timber pest inspection for a while (it should be an annual appointment), now is the time to do that as well.

Good luck with your sale and if you’re interested in learning more about our extremely thorough pre-sale inspections, give us a call!