Pest and building inspections are not as cut and dried as PASS or FAIL. Buyers get a building inspection done for different reasons and everyone has a different risk tolerance. Everything we do in life is a decision and buying a house is 100% the same thing.

  • Renovators just want to know how much the renovation will cost.
  • Investors are knowingly buying a knock-down to landbank it for the future.
  • Other investors are going to rent it out and want an accurate idea of pre-rental setup costs.
  • Retirees or first home buyers might be buying to live there and don’t want to do much maintenance.

There are a lot of reasons to get an accurate building inspection done by Dwell Building Services. Most of the time people have a good idea about what they are buying. They just need to check their expectations against the reality and see if it’s a match.

It’s pretty rare to find something disasterous that no one knew about before the inspection day, however it does happen. This is why it’s a good idea to get yourself a building inspection prior to putting your house on the market. That way there will be no surprises!! READ MORE HERE.

With Dwell Building Services, you know what you’re buying before you move in! CLICK HERE to learn more about the pre-purchase building inspection process.

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