What’s all this jargon in the building inspection?

I think we can all agree that insurance companies are the worst best friend that you have ever had. When it’s time to pay your premiums BOOM they’re there, absolutely they are there for you!

But if you ever have a claim…mmm. They might just disappear.

So what these terms and conditions and all the jargon is about is the insurance companies trying to just narrow it down and make sure that they don’t have to pay if they don’t think something is right.

What we do as building inspectors (obviously we need our insurance company – we need to be insured to be licensed and out there) what Jason tries to do is make sure that he’s just as thorough as possible – he does his absolute best job for his client and if there’s anything about the property to know, he absolutely tries to find out. Whether or not the insurance company requires jargon in the building inspection!