Hopefully at this stage, you’ve got all the hard things behind you.  You’ve negotiated the price of your property, you’ve got your finance half sorted and now you need a pest and building inspection. To do that all you need to do is call me. You can also make contact via our website on the Contact Page but probably easiest to give me a call.

At that point I’ll take all your details, the property address, the agent you’re dealing with, whether or not you want to come to the inspection, whether or not you need a pest and building or is it building only. Also if you know if the property is tenanted.
All these things are factors that go into making the appointment.

As far as timing goes, you’ll want to budget three days. So two days to get the inspection organised and 24 hours to get the report back to you.  If you have a very specific time and day that you want it done, maybe give us a couple extra just so that we can make sure everyone can make the appointment.

It’s just that easy!
Cassandra Dodds – 0424 741 616