Technically, plumbing and electrical issues are outside the scope of works for a pre-purchase building inspection.

What the building inspector is looking at mostly is the structure itself. The bones of the property but also maintenance items.
During the building inspection, if the inspector does see something that’s amiss with the electrical or the plumbing, he will flag it in the report for further investigation.

You can count on visible plumbing and electrical issues being caught there and referred to the right trade…with these extra trades, think in terms of a GP vs. a Specialist.  The GP should be able to identify that there is a problem, the Specialist should tell you what it is.

If the property is more than 50 years old we recommend you get the electrical looked if not both the plumbing and the electrical because things deteriorate over time and they’re not always obvious. Most of the pipework and wiring are inside walls and under floors, you can’t see them. So its good to get those things checked out as a matter of course.