House Hunting can be tough…the one you want is never in your price range.  You can use your building inspection to obtain a discount but too much input from the building inspector isn’t good!

We recently completed a building inspection a property for a first-time home buyer in Mudgeeraba. They had been looking for a long time and they were getting tired of Gold Coast house prices. They ended up making an offer on the perfect house that was out of their reach, financially.Your building inspection

After the building inspection, they decided there were a few things they wanted to negotiate on, to bring the price down.

As your building inspector, we are of course on your side but we have to stay out of those negotiations. Our involvement could create a conflict of interest. We are also active builders so input from us could be seen as trying to get building work by producing a “negative” inspection.  

Our clients are welcome to speak about possible future renovations with us in broad terms. We give lots of building advice during our consultation and that’s added value we’re happy to provide. However, at the purchase stage it’s not appropriate for us to produce detailed quotes for theoretical work.

Worth noting is that with dilapidated houses, the real estate agent has already priced the house with it’s condition in mind. Sometimes your efforts will go nowhere.

As the purchaser, you’ve got the right to negotiate after your building inspection. You don’t need a written quote from a builder. If you ask and get, good for you! If you don’t get what you asked for, it wasn’t meant to be. There’s another house just around the corner.