Strata search vs building inspection

You’re buying a unit and you’ve carried out a strata search. You might feel that a strata search covers you in terms of “the building” and therefore a building inspection isn’t necessary.  This is not so. A strata search only covers the building elements that body corporate takes care of.  So you think all the “big stuff” is covered by body corporate.

Recently we heard from a client who didn’t get a building inspection done when purchasing. She called us retrospectively after speaking with her conveyancer.

She didn’t get the building inspection believing the big issues with the unit would crop up in the strata report.  There was no reason to be suspicious –  the unit she purchased presented well.

It was only after the contract was un-conditional that she found out there was a fault with the wind-out window awning. It wasn’t a deal-breaker of a problem but it didn’t come up in the strata search. She got a complete building inspection done for her own information.

Importantly, it’s lucky for her that the issues that did come up weren’t expensive to fix.  

Our Building Inspection Process

For a building inspection of a stand-alone property, the Dwell Building Services inspection process follows a set process.  First we inspect the whole area around the property – site and building exterior. Our building inspector then moves to the subfloor (if there is one) and the roof exterior. He then inspects the interior  and roof interior. 

In the case of a strata unit the building inspection starts from the inside of the unit and moves outwards.  It finishes up in the parking space of the unit in question. To read more about building inspections, read our 10 Things You Must Know Before You Get a Building Inspection list at the bottom of the building inspection page on our site.