A friend of ours who we hadn’t seen for a long time recently told us her renovation story. We have her permission to write about it here as the story might be helpful to others.

Major Renovations take a leap of faith!

Her and her husband both had their own homes when they met. They each sold up and together bought a $500,000 renovator in the area where they wanted to settle. Her partner had a builder friend who he’d used before. They eventually engaged him to do this major renovation. He shared their vision of what the property would become and estimated that the renovations would cost $200,000. So with a leap of faith they demolished the entire inside of the house and started fresh.

Because he was a friend and had done work for her partner before, they didn’t have a contract…”wasn’t necessary” was what she heard. Three years later they were out of pocket $400,000. With no plans drawn up, no contract with their friend and no set time frame this renovation turned out to be the ultimate “Love Job”. Their builder (who turned out to be a perfectionist) fulfilled his artistic needs. The house was amazing but she found out that sometimes the last 20% of perfection costs double.  She eventually fired him and brought in a second contractor to finish up.

It’s common on the Tweed Coast for home owners to be a bit relaxed about Council Approvals, plans and building contracts. We can’t stress enough the need for all those things if you want your project “on time and on budget”. Dwell Building Services specialises in delivery of “on time and on budget”.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a major renovation to turn into a nightmare renovation!

For more information on how to get your custom build or major renovation underway, Read this!

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