What happens when you’re looking for your Forever Home in the perfect area…and nothing pops out at you?  This exact scenario can bring on the soul-searching!!

A sea of houses where nothing really stands out

We recently had a pre-purchase building inspection client who had been searching the local property market forever.  He was looking for a family home in Casuarina on the Tweed Coast. Due to a lack of choice in the market – too few properties for sale – this family struggled to find the perfect property. A lot of debate went into their eventual purchase because there was never anything on the market that they fell in love with. 

Purchasing property is often a gut-feeling exercise however actual logistical issues got in their way. Issues such as the size of the yard, size of the house and finally, the condition of the available properties available.

In the end they did purchase a property that had a few defects and wasn’t quite what they were looking for. They bought it because they are in love with the area. The house they settled on had good future renovation potential and it was in a good position. Depending on when you’re looking to buy property and your circumstances, near enough is sometimes good enough. Especially when weighed against the cost of renting and waiting…and the hassle-factor of multiple moves!

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