Termites and timber pest damage

It’s obviously a huge problem to home owners in South East Queensland. When you purchase real estate you should always get a pest and building inspection and keeping up with your annual termite inspections should be a priority.

Fixing timber pest damage is a specialist niche in the building industry. You need a dedicated team to tackle the problem effectively. This team requires:

  • A builder who can guage the level of damage they are coming up against
  • A carpenter with the skills to repair the damage adequately (not cutting corners or under-estimating strucutral damage)
  • A plasterer to finish off the job to a high standard so that it blends with the original

Case Study of Timber Pest Damage Repair Work

Ian Janetzki from Janetzki Constructions is a specialist in this field and he was happy to give us an example of how one recent job on the Gold Coast rolled out:

“Everything looked pretty good from the outside apart from some minor damage the pest inspector found in the window reveal.

We started pulling off the plasterboard each side of the window – one side not too bad. The other side I couldn’t believe it hadn’t collapsed – it was a load bearing wall with concrete roof tiles. It would have made a massive mess if it did collapse -easily $15,000 to repair at that stage.

Luckily we were able to prop up the roof immediately, quote the repairs and get to work straight away. The repair cost was a touch over $4,000 GST INC.

An engineer once told me that termites will eat out a structure to the brink of collapse then move on. Only during a severe storm will the structure fail.”

If you haven’t had your property inspected lately, don’t wait until it’s too late. It’s much easier to get an annual timber pest inspection than to fix timber pest damage.  If you need the number of a good timber pest inspector, give us a call – we can guide you to the right person for the job.

If you need Ian Janetzki’s services and live on the Gold Coast, you can contact him on 0448 838 749.