If your house was too small to entertain last Christmas, now is the time to do something about it. You have 10 months to plan and renovate so look alive!

Was your house to small to entertain at Christmas? Dwell Building Services will turn your Mini into a Mansion!
Small House, Big Heart!

The way Dwell Building Services approaches your renovation, we would first suggest you get some help from a professional designer. Typically, we like to meet them on site with you to discuss your vision as well as work out something that will fit your budget. From there, the designer can put together a plan on paper.

This plan will have dual purposes. Firstly, setting out your goal and secondly, giving your builder something to go off when producing their Cost Estimate.

We can give you the details of a number of good designers with flare. In this instance you probably won’t need an architect on the job.

Generally, the design process looks like this:

1) Initial Appointment on site with us and the designer. This is a good time to bring photos of ideas if you’ve seen something you like or plans of your property if you have them.

2) The designer will then send out a design fee quote which includes outside consultant requirements if need be (e.g engineer / town planner/ surveyor etc.). You accept the quotation by signing terms of conditions and paying 50% deposit of architecturals before work starts.

3) The designer starts work on the Design Concepts, usually completed within 10 days from acceptance of the quote. There’s typically a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with regards to design concept.  It’s important to get it as close to “good” at this stage because changes further down the track cost in time and money.

4) Once you have approved the Design Concepts, the designer then starts the Technical/Construction Documentation and start preparation of submission documentation to council.  

5) The designer then gets an estimated cost of construction from you/us and they request a fee schedule from council for the DA or DA/CC submission    –  this gets forwarded to you so that you know what council fees are. 

6) The designer submits approved final plans to council, (including Basix Certificate if required).

7) Council issues their fee schedule invoice. Submission is now in Council’s system for processing. This can take up to 2 months to process. 

8) Approvals are emailed to the designer and they forward on and print out relevant documentation.

Follow these quick steps then give us your plan! Dwell Building Services will sort you out with an accurate Cost Estimate – a figure we can then transfer directly to a contract.

When your house is too small to entertain, life can get a little restricted. You don’t tend to see family and friends as often. People don’t just “pop around”. Dwell Building Services wants to promote healthy relationships in your life through warm, welcoming spaces!

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