Building fresh or renovating both start with the same first consideration. Your intention for the finished product. Your budget is important but hear me out. Without a clear vision for the future of your project, it’s easy to get stuck in neutral. Many a project never left the ground because of a misguided planning stage.

If this is an investment your priorities will be very different to other scenarios.

In this 3-part series, we’ll go through some of the biggest differences and touch on what we consider the most important aspects of each. This blog is going to point out what we think is crucial if you build or renovate to sell.

Build or Renovate To Sell

This category is possibly the trickiest of them all, because you don’t want to over-capitalise in areas that won’t actually achieve a higher rate of return.

We believe you should apply a slightly up-market finish to attract a broader market, however. Be considered. Unless you’re in a beach front position or an up-market area, you could over-do it on things that don’t matter.

Examples of excessive design that don’t matter to most people:

  • A complicated roof configuration – no one cares, they can’t see your (their) roof 90% of the time
  • A specialist tool shed or workshop (niche)
  • A wine cellar (way too niche) and 
  • Excessive niches in the walls for display purposes (ha ha)

Another example of keeping your finishes broad is keeping the tiles simple in your bathrooms. They’ll go a long way towards implying “quality” if you’ve tiled floor to ceiling instead of stopping 3/4 of the way up. They don’t need to be expensive tiles, but getting the right size of tile and going the whole way up conveys an up-market look without the actual tile having to be expensive.

It’s the How not the What.  This same can be applied to windows, doors and lighting.Build or Renovate

Sometimes “Simple” speaks volumes. Simple look, but Classy. This principle can also apply to your taps and other hardware.

Also, if you’re renovating, consider if you can make changes to the property that improve “the vibe”. Electrical lighting, natural light and colour choices that brighten the whole house. 

Last but not least (there’s surely more we could talk about) – do some serious soul searching about pools. If the property is in an upmarket area or an aspirational neighbourhood, it’s probably expected or desired.