BUILD – Always Sign a Contract – Engage a Contract Builder

It happens more than you'd think...Believing that they can save some money on GST or home warranty insurance, people try to do business through the back door by not signing a contract (ie. engaging a contract builder) - we even get people asking us "how much for cash?" The reality can be pretty … [Read more...]

INSPECT – How Do I Read A Pre-Purchase Report??

When reading a pre-purchase report, it can be easy to get caught up in the minor issues within the building inspection findings. Don't! MINOR issues can also be read as MAINTENANCE and all houses have that. It's the big stuff that you want to focus on.  Below, I've set out a key for you to help … [Read more...]

Pre-Auction Inspections – Marketing Tool or Waste of Time?

There's no doubt there's controversy surrounding the pre-auction inspection - you don't have to Google far to find healthy debate on the blogosphere about their overall merit. If the seller gets one done, there's a perceived potential for corruption between inspector and seller. And if it's … [Read more...]

INSPECT Pre-Purchase Building Inspections – Decontructed!

To some its a mere formality, to others its a HUGE step in a property purchase. What do you know about the pre-purchase building inspection process? Here's what we do.  When you get in touch with us to book in your pre-purchase building inspection, we ask you a few questions such as; Do … [Read more...]

BUILD Up Your Portfolio, Property Investor!!

If you're a property investor you have responsibilities! Some (would-be property investors) might say too many responsibilities, but lets face it, if you've got enough capital to own 2 homes, you should have enough cash flow to maintain 2 properties. All Property Managers would agree. It's … [Read more...]

MAINTENANCE – Home Maintenance Made Easy!!

The next 3 posts are going to be about home maintenance. Because we're passionate about property we believe maintaining your asset is the name of the game!!  A lot of home owners out there don't really understand that it's easy to prevent your home from deteriorating slowly over time. It's not just … [Read more...]

MAINTENANCE – The Right Time to Insulate!

Summer is coming back and it's going to be a hot hot hot one. This is the time to do everything you can to save money and keep yourself cool!! Maintaining your property can be a drag, but there is preventative maintenance then there is the type that saves you money and adds to your comfort … [Read more...]

BUILD With Purpose: A Cautionary Tale of Woe

Last week we were contacted by a solicitor to provide her client with a defect report on a recent renovation. She also requested that we do a cost estimate to compare the price that was charged by the builder to what SHOULD have been charged - already a really difficult undertaking … [Read more...]

INSPECT First Home Buyers…PBI, Brokers and Agents

Right now is probably the best time in literally years for first home buyers - interest rates are at an all-time low, house prices are still near bottom (but on the re-bound) and you still have time to get in by Christmas. If you don't want to make any mistakes, come along with us, we'll help … [Read more...]

DESIGN it for the beach!

It's hotting up in the Tweed; The weather and the property market together. Possibly leading the charge, depending on who you ask, is the vacant land market, which bodes well for local builders like us! If you've driven the Tweed Coast Road lately, you will have noticed a marked change to the … [Read more...]