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We have a building inspection process.

200 point building inspection

200 point building inspection check list being followed

And its followed every single time we do an inspection.

Which might not sound like a “Company Secret Revealed” at first, but if you know what that process is, then realise the importance of following it every single building inspection, it’s the consistency and thoroughness that shine through in the result (the building inspection report).  It’s like a recipe for a secret sauce – no substitutions or short cuts allowed!

1. The 200-Point Check List: It’s followed step by step to the finish line every time.

2. Dictation: We believe that free flowing thought from an expert (instead of tick boxes and generalisations) gives our clients The Good Stuff. So we have resisted the urge to make our lives easier by automating the process and instead give our clients genuine builders advice there on the spot. It’s then transcribed word for word into our report and that document is then far more useful for longer than your usual building report.

3. Consultation: You’re always encouraged to come along and we’ll do anything to get you there – we’ve even been known to pick up clients on our way to the property just so they could attend. We even do an occasional Call Out Session with no report attached to just give clients an idea of potential renovations they could carry out to a property. We believe that being flexible and free with our expertise is better for everyone.

4. Clarity: We try to keep our building inspection reports as free from jargon and fuzzy meaning as possible so that you can read it now, then again in 6 months and maybe again in a years time. The insurance companies do require a certain amount of disclaimers and over-cautionary warnings but we do try to explain them in advance. Our building reports are meant to help you with your home in the long run, not just cover our asses.

5. Independent: Dwell Building Services is totally independent from influence either way. We are just interested in the truth about a building. We aren’t going to make things out to be worse or better than they are.  You would be surprised to know how many building inspectors get referrals from agents because they are “soft on property” and equally, how many are overly hard on buildings to look smart in front of their customers. We believe the truth will set you free.

These five things combine to make up what we believe is the best possible building inspection experience on the Gold and Tweed Coasts.

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