BUILD – Always Sign a Contract – Engage a Contract Builder

It happens more than you'd think...Believing that they can save some money on GST or home warranty insurance, people try to do business through the back door by not signing a contract (ie. engaging a contract builder) - we even get people asking us "how much for cash?" The reality can be pretty … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger – Adventurer Finance Solutions

Finance: Broker Vs. Banker When looking to take out a home loan, you can either consult a mortgage broker or go straight to a bank. There are a number of reasons why it would be beneficial to consult a broker over a bank. Training and Knowledge For many years it was assumed that you could … [Read more...]

BUILD – Renovate With Purpose

Australians are obsessed with real estate - for living in, investing in, and for making money!  The property market is getting stronger than it was even a year ago, however there are still bargains out there to renovate that could represent a brilliant opportunity for the astute … [Read more...]

INSPECT Use Your Building Inspector

This doesn't apply to all building inspectors, but we are special: We believe you get better value when you come along to your building inspection.  While you're there, ask us questions about your new property. Some people have big plans and know what they want immediately, but in case you're not … [Read more...]

BUILD Up Your Portfolio, Property Investor!!

If you're a property investor you have responsibilities! Some (would-be property investors) might say too many responsibilities, but lets face it, if you've got enough capital to own 2 homes, you should have enough cash flow to maintain 2 properties. All Property Managers would agree. It's … [Read more...]

BUILD – Cool Building Ideas

A Cool Building Idea makes the holiday Last weekend Dwell took a mini-break to North Stradbroke Island. Every time we go there, we enjoy all the beautiful things on offer, the beach, the scenery and the peacefulness. We also enjoy the architecture - you always see something new, or something old … [Read more...]

BUILD With Purpose: A Cautionary Tale of Woe

Last week we were contacted by a solicitor to provide her client with a defect report on a recent renovation. She also requested that we do a cost estimate to compare the price that was charged by the builder to what SHOULD have been charged - already a really difficult undertaking … [Read more...]